Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yummy says my tummy

Poke Chops Juicy
 with Mushroom Bourbon Cream Sauce

 The Juiceter sent me this recipe yesterday and it intrigued me. Especially since I had all the ingredients on hand - except for heavy cream, and a schlob of butter added with half&half solved that.  MoSup is out gallivanting, and I've no idea when she'll get back (yes, payback I guess).  I decided to forgo the breaded chops in favor of grilled in butter, so the whole deal can be plated within 10 minutes.  But this is what I want to tell you. 

MoSup is not a drinker of red whiskery - at all, so I was hesitant, and not for the first time, about using Bourbon in sauces.  Horry Clap Andy!  Screw the pork chops!  This Bourbon-cream sauce is so good I'm thinking of making French toast with it.  Or drinking it out of a Mason Jar.  It's that delicious.  Seriously, I'd put - make that I will put this mushroom sauce on any meat, fowl, fish or mystery road kill. I've filed the recipe under Sauce Juicy, and will keep it in my wallet. 

PS- It's been a few years since I mentioned the handy Cook's Thesaurus.  Use it to find recipe substitutes, it's great. You're welcome. 


Chuck Martel said...

It's hard to beat Maker's Mark. We call it Kentucky penicillin.

Randy Rager said...

That's cause if it's nasty taste don't kill you, nothing will.

I prefer Booker's. Or Baker's. Knob Creek is good, so is Rebel Yell. Buffalo Trace in a pinch.

And Basil Hayden's always always always with chocolate.

Anonymous said...

CONVINCED! Bourbon it is. I knew you had the Makers Mark when I sent it. So, your Bride enjoyed? Nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you have my salivary glands dripping like Bill Clinton in a room of pudgy interns. This'll be dinner tommorro. Thanks Juice!. And Rodger.

Anonymous said...

Burbon, steak, mushrooms.....all good. Mmmmmmmmm! Then some more Burbon....Then some other form of sour mash..stufff.... maybey an ice cube... hell just some more of the brown stuff...... oK I'll have another.....what???? ok some of that stufff................

Anonymous said...

What? No bacon? How good could it be? =0D

Rodger the Real King of France said...

No... it's sauce to smother bacon with.

Gayle Miller said...

Look guys - I just had the second procedure to roto-rooter out the carotid arteries on both sides of my neck. Step away from the bacon. Just step away.

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