Sunday, August 09, 2009


When Quakers pick up an Uzi ...

Obamacrats: Reaping the Whirlwind
"At 61, I still fit in my Marine Corps uniform, and know well how to defend myself. "

While not quite so profanely as the earlier example [It's so Fu**ing on!], Bruce Kesler - posting at Maggie's Farm - expresses the same sediments about the Administration's penchant for thuggery.
During the past week, I’ve had conversations with old friends – leftist, centrist, and conservative – with whom I experienced the political battles of the 1960’s.  All of us have a similar take on what’s happening now, compared to then.  Then, it was a challenge against authority primarily by the privileged young who didn’t want to serve in the war, which dissipated rapidly once the draft ended, while their ideologues took refuge in academia to rise to insulated tenure of attachment to their old slogans and some of their ilk to gerrymandered seniority in Congress.  Obama was a tot then, but raised on their radical bromides.  Now, it is the broader swath of working and middle class Americans, a far larger and more potent population, who are fed up and angry with being exploited and insulted by those who feel it their right and duty to impose their schemes to rearrange and endanger everyone else’s lives and weaken the America that sustains us.  We all feel the potential for violence is high.  Enough everyday Americans will defend themselves against thuggish attacks upon their right to speak out.

I wasn’t a proponent of street violence then, nor am I now.  I abhor it.  And, just let any one of the Democrat thugs try to physically attack me or silence me or anyone nearby and they better stand the f*ck by for a real thumping.  At 61, I still fit in my Marine Corps uniform, and know well how to defend myself.  I’m just one member of a rapidly expanding, reluctant force of ordinary Americans who will.  Those who have spent their lives cloistered in ivy and Congress have never met our resistance before, are shocked, and are in for more rueful surprises if they keep on their vile attacks on our democracy, peace and prosperity.

Caught in the Obamacare dragnet

Mo's Hummer


Hi Rodge,

I thought since you have a soft spot for hummers, you’d have an appreciation for this little story.

Thursday evening, I was in my garage cleaning out the crap caked up under my mower when I heard the fluttering of what I thought was an oversized horse fly (or a palmetto bug - if you know how big those suckers get). Looking up toward my ceiling, I saw whatever it was land on the top shelf above my workbench. I had no idea what it was but it had to be something unusual, so I got my camera, climbed up a ladder, and realized it was a HUMMINGBIRD!!! (15 second pause between pic.)