Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well hell, let's use ours then

What have we done?

Some disagree with Rev. Manning


Rev. Manning

Say Amen


Enough with traitors like Eric Massa

Eric Massa should be tried and executed

I'm not calling for his punishment because he associates with known enemies of the United States, as he does here at  Nutroot Nation.  Nope, Eric Massa is apparently sure that Rep. Charles Grassley is a traitor.  Guilty of treason for dissing Obamacare.  That leaves Massa with no real option but to file charges against Grassley in the House of Representatives.  [The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason]. By not filing charges against a traitor, Massa, unlike Grassley,  actually meets a constitutional requirement of treason: "giving them Aid and Comfort."   Am I right?  I demand Massa be arrested, tried and if found guilty, executed. It's what Massa would want. 

Zillow Invasion

Speaking of privacy issues ...

Here's something not many of you know about. marries Google maps with current real estate prices for, well, everyone as far as I can  determine  This is Barry's Chicago residence, the one he purchased with sweetheart financing in return for political favors.  Ahem.  The prices shown represent the last sell price, or appraisal.  In many cases you can select the street view and travel around the hood.  I'm about to drive over to Farrakhan's house, just down the street, and burn a cross on his lawn.  I think he'll laugh at my boyish impetuosity.   If the home sold recently, you can often tour it, which makes it so much easier to  find the master bedroom in the dark, in case you don't live there *wink-wink*.    I know you're anxious to go find your childhood home, so I'll let you go.   No fair looking in my underwear drawer.

Skanks and Privacy

Hey Liskula
You look like a skank to me

Corsi does Obama's birth

'm red with embarrassment
And you damned well ought to be if you've succumbed to the Alinskyite ridicule, abandoned all common sense, and accepted the Obama agit-prop line that "the birth controversy is settled." 

Nobody has done more original investigation into the "citizen" question than Jerome Corsi (The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality).  One of the best weapons Obamunists have is total control of entertainment media (televised news).  By excluding dissenting voices, and Corsi is verboten on the subject of Obama, in an age where people don't read, it's pretty easy to splash RULE 5 tar. 

 I give you then, the first 15 minutes of a 2 hour Rollye James interview with Corsi that covers every aspect of the controversy, without the need to put on reading glasses.
I intend to edit the full show, which will reduce it in length to maybe an hour, but in the meanwhile, if this creates in you an immediate appetite for knowledge, you can listen to the full 2 hours here.  Download it, and skip through commercials. 

Nobody (call your office Ann Coulter) who listens can have any lingering doubt that this poseur from Kenya has much to hide.  If you don't investigate, your skin will burn, and you won't sleep well. And -- you'll be tagged an "anti-birther," which is the same as "Obama-cultist."