Friday, September 18, 2009

"I'm taking your ass with me!"

Michelle: Pass it or the First Lady Gets It
Panic at 1600 PA Ave

a self-parody

Wolf Blitzer: Celebrity Jeopardy Disaster
TV Buzz -$4600 at the end of Double Jeopardy! This is where your news comes from! Meanwhile, Andy Richter hustled bigtime, like you do. You can watch the whole thing below.


Marc Miller

Obama says F**K You

Mr. Deeds Goes To The Shed

Creigh Deeds Explains His Position on Tax Hikes With Kerryesque Clarity

What's this?  Reporters who reask Democrats a question until it's answered?

 Commentary by Jim Geheghty
I can't believe this guy might be my next governor. Creigh Deeds, explaining his position on taxes, says at one point, "I'm not going to raise taxes, but I'm going to sign a transportation plan that raises new revenue." Then in the post-debate press conference, he says, within milliseconds of each other, "I have no plans to raise taxes" followed by "everything is on the table."

Today's HFS

A woman, identified only as Mrs. Wang, poses on Wednesday with what is reported to be the world's most expensive dog, Yangtze River Number Two. The Tibetan mastiff ran Mrs. Wang $582,135, shattering previous records.  She first encountered the animal during a trip to China's Qinghai province, reported the Times. She was traveling with a Tibetan mastiff already in her possession, which she hoped to mate with a similarly pure-blooded peer.

The moment she saw the 18-month-old dog then known as White Root, said the paper, she was determined to buy him.
"Gold has a price, but this Tibetan mastiff doesn't," the woman was quoted as saying.

White Root may have appeared a strange name for a dog whose coat is almost entirely black. On the way back from Qinghai, his new owner changed his name to the catchier Yangtze River Number Two, said the Times.

Call him what you like, the canine arrived at his new home in style. He was met at the Xi'an airport by a motorcade of 30 luxury cars, the paper reported, and local pet lovers were dispatched to wave welcome banners in his honor. They don't call it a dog's life for nothing.

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Stuff about chickens

New York Anchor Ernie Anastos Tells
Weatherman to 'Keep F---ing That Chicken'

Not just a handheld camera shaking in the general direction of a TV. Ernie Anastos telling the weatherman on FOX5 WNYW to "keep fucking that chicken" on the Sept. 16 2009 10 o'clock news. The look on co-anchor Dari Alexander is just priceless.

Leno does ACORN

"ACORN helped me get
teh extra votes I needed"

O shit

Merrily's Bumper Sticker

Susan B Anthony makes it OK

Bronze beauty, soda, newlyweds

In Passing
Stuff that snapped my head around

It is the first mass demonstration in two months. Three Cheers

A Curious Justification
First, there is nothing surprising about this development and it is certainly not about Iran’s missile programs alone. Although President Obama and Secretary Gates claim that a new intelligence assessment of Iran’s missile program led to the decision, it is in reality the fulfillment of a long-time policy goal. The Democrats have been pushing to capitulate to the Russians on this for years

Kucinich: Take Insurance Industry Profits to Pay for Universal Health Care (Also LOL of the day)
State run health care is a civil right, so this makes perfect sense, eh wot?

Hi-Ho, the Derry-O
Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do?
Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:

The Acorn 75
The only way they'd defund the outfit is if it endorsed the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

TV's 'Newlywed Game' features first gay couple

Can A Soda Tax Really Curb Obesity?
The momentum for federal taxes on soda is growing. President Barack Obama recently said he thought Congress "should be exploring" the idea of a tax on sugared drinks as a way of tackling the nation's ever-expanding waistline.

Time religion editor who asked "Is God Dead?" is dead at 78

Who's that knocking at my door?

Sir Beck

Glenn Beck Arrives

 What we have here is an example of negative thinking by TIME, Inc.,wot?  The lefty mag's 2004 hatchet job on Limbo was titled "Is Rush GOOD for America?" Now it's "Is Beck BAD for America?"  Sheesh.  Of course this focus by left media only serves to confer  knighthood  on the subject, for exceptionally effective service to his nation.  Beck joins Limbaugh of course, Sarah Palin (Death Panel, and Rep. Joe Wilson in derailing well laid plans of conquest by the forces of evil.  In a fortnight Beck has been largely responsible for ousting racist Green Czar Van Jones, and now breaking the back of Obama's version of the , ACORN. We honor you, Sir Glenn! So does TIME.

As an aside, Limbo in 2004 suggested TIME might better serve the nation with this cover
Take your pick from a cast of hundreds
.  Indeed.

LGF - death by satire

"It's over for LGF. RIP"
Hilarious Sendoff

 Conservatives here doing what the AMA and ABA do too little of - throwing incompetent/druggie practioners out of the club.  Some comments ...
Charles has utterly lost it. He bans people right and left, just for disagreeing with him even in a polite and non-threatening way.

He has craven, self-satisfied and hyper-aware henchmen (or henchwomen) such as Sharmuta or ice weasel to run interference for him and perform inquisitions on those who take exception to the LGF party line, useful to Charles because he bans after the inquisitors have done their work.

Little wonder that conservatives of all kinds are now totally fed up with him.

It's true. Poor Charles is completely nuts. His paranoia is so bad that only the most slavish of sycophants are allowed around him.

It's over for LGF. RIP

Chuckie: Go outside once in awhile. Your stupid fucking leftist website isn't going to crumble in 30 minutes.

Marc Miller via O club via Discarded Lies.