Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bill Safire RIP

Bill Safire
Dead at 79

There'll be lots written about William Safire, but I'll remember him as the last journalist employed by the New York Times, and the first to ever call a First Lady a liar.  Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio.

Jumpin Fools

This happened in my own backyard and SondraK
stole it so don't look at hers.  She's a fun rustler.

And, Mr. Mann, what did you make her do to get it?  Hmmm? You Beast.


In passing
Stuff that made me look twice

Liberals to fight for public option in health plan
Influential Senate Democrats eager to produce a more progressive health care reform bill will push this week for a public option and to require employers to provide insurance, pitting liberal Democrats against both their party's moderate members and Republicans in major battles.

Colorado Public Television: US Government Behind 9/11

The coincidence last Saturday was both ironic and nauseating. At the very moment when authorities were unearthing what could be the most sinister case of domestic terrorist activity since 9/11, with alleged links to the group that took down the World Trade Center, a local public television station blithely devoted much of its schedule to propaganda claiming al-Qaeda did no such thing.

Flag Burner Duct-Taped to Flagpole For 6 Hours During Child's Soccer Picnic (Video)

'It's About Time Somebody' Prosecuted Bush Officials for Torture"
Playing out a liberal dream of vengeance, the season premiere of NBC's Law & Order delivered  ...

Suggests Hillary Sent Stephanopoulos Tough Question For Obama
Readers will also recall that in the presidential debate he moderated, Steph subjected candidate Obama to tough questioning that brought down the ire of Captain Zero's supporters.

On the edge of common sense: Rush Limbaugh deserts to the Dark Side

I felt a tremor in the earth ... Rush Limbaugh joined the Dark Side. He is a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States. It was like finding out your brother is a cross-dresser. -- Baxter (Lucky to be an American) Black