Thursday, October 01, 2009

Polanski=Hollywood + Bolton

The UN with Mr. Bolton

 Reinforcing what you already know.  It used to be that actors were on the same social level as hookers.  Why did that change?
John Bolton is always worth listening to.  But, was he on the helicopter list?


Whatever this is - she wins


Apple Twit

What are you doing?

Obama's Economic Advisor

Austan Goolsbee
Obviously character flawed, but with a sense of humor

 White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee took home the top prize in the 16th annual "D.C.'s Funniest Celebrity" contest on Wednesday evening, and he did so in a very unconventional way. Instead of adopting a traditional comedic routine of joke buildup and punchline, Goolsbee peppered an otherwise expected stump speech on the Obama administration's goals with subtle asides that constituted a humorous, sarcastic, self-deprecating and conspiratorial insight into the administration's most accessible punchlines. The targets? Hillary Clinton, Sen. Ben Nelson, Rod Blagojevich, Sarah Palin and Fox News. [Politico]

Gucci Girl

 If I wanted to ridicule haute coture, I might post this picture.

Do girls have twin fantasies?

Demorat crime, blah-blah-blah

In passing
Stuff I seen that needs changing

Federal government bans religious references on ornaments for 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree
In violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. Or, at least common sense.

Newly Discovered: Community Organizers Appear to ‘Pray’ to President-Elect Obama

Sex, scorn and videotape
Andrew Young, John Edwards's Josh Steiner 

More evidence of Obama fatuous fabrications of his 'work' experience
I would be remiss if I did not supplement my column today regarding Obama's Work Ethic with additional information that has come to my attention via our readers and my own research.

ACORN documents uncovered
A Republican state legislator released documents Tuesday which he says show the community-organizing group ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the November 2008 election and had developed a game plan to "take power" in Oklahoma within five years.

Taxi Bear

Boxer pays off GE )MSNBC) for shilling

Corruptus Interruptus
MSNBC wins Goebbels Trophy

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s climate bill set to be released today contains a provision that will compensate General Electric quite nicely for its lobbying and media efforts promoting climate legislation. [More from Gateway]


High Court Agrees to Hear Gun-Rights Case

The Supreme Court agreed to decide whether some state gun regulations violate the Constitution, the second phase of the justices' re-examination of the right to bear arms in the 21st century.

Last year, the court ruled that the Second Amendment includes an individual right to self-defense, and struck down a Washington, D.C., ordinance that effectively banned possession of handguns within the capital.

That decision rested on the District of Columbia's unique status as a federal enclave, and left unanswered what the amendment means for states. Supporters of gun control say states are free to set their own weapons ... [Full]

Cat or Fire Hydrant?

Unfortunately, the American commander in chief is a cat in a dog-eat-dog world. - Kathleen Parker

 Parker had me dog zooming around the house [The World Is a Fire Hydrant]

It may be too soon to pass judgment on Obama's new foreign policy strategy, but early returns on his gamble that talking is the best cure are less than reassuring. Each time Obama extends a hand to one of the world's anti-American despots, he is rewarded with an insult (Venezuela's Hugo Chavez) or, perhaps, a missile display (North Korea and Iran).

One may view these episodes as diminishing America's status or as a tolerable annoyance -- sort of the way Dobermans view toy poodles. At some point, the big dog reminds the little yapper of his place. Unfortunately, the American commander in chief is a cat in a dog-eat-dog world.
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