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 Some dude just bet me $500 that there are only 885 Palindromes possible in the English language.  Should I take that bet?
He did, eh?

Going backdoor

Gun Control By Way Of Health Reform
Correction: November 8, 1993, Monday An article on Thursday about a proposal to tax handgun ammunition misstated the cost of some particularly destructive bullets under the plan. A 10,000 percent tax (calculated on the wholesale cost) would push the price of a $24 box of 20 Black Talon cartridges to $1,500, not to $150,000.

 I've said that my biggest concern about Obamacare isn't the cost, since our money will be essentially worthless in a few months anyway. No, it's because gummint controlled health care affords them an opportunity to control every aspect of our lives under its umbrella.  I remember being stunned when, during a congressional hearing on her health grab attempt, some Donk asked Hillary whether a tax on bullets was being considered?    "No," she replied, "but that might be a good idea."   Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan jumped all over the idea. Today's IBD editorial addresses that concern with this new bunch.
Gun Rights: A decade after Congress forbade the CDC from studying the health consequences of gun ownership, the National Institutes of Health has started funding such research. Will reform pry the guns from our cold, sick hands?

More than a decade ago Congress, seeing it as a backdoor assault on the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, voted to cut funding for firearms research by the Centers for Disease Control. Such research was viewed as one-sided and based on flawed assumptions that all gun use was bad, even that which saved lives and deterred crime.

The National Institutes of Health seemed to have picked up the baton by funding similar studies of gun violence as a public health issue.

"It's almost as if someone's been looking for a way to get this study done ever since the Centers for Disease Control was banned from doing it 10 years ago," said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, of one of the NIH studies. "But it doesn't make any more sense now than it did then."

In response to inquiries about the studies, NIH spokesman Don Ralbovsky said: "Gun-related violence is a public health problem — it diverts considerable health care resources away from other problems and, therefore, is of interest to NIH."

Considering the drive for health care reform and the views on private gun ownership held by this administration and appointees such as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, [continued]
 Today's special quote: "... the government has nuclear weapons and F-16s. If by some convoluted Manchurian takeover, the feds wanted a dictatorship, would your hunting rifles stop them?" Cynthia Tucker

What's in a cup of coffee

Bonus: Cockroach alarm pheromones

African Lion, Lyin' African

Sign of the Times
Zoo has African Lion - WH has Lyin African

Murtha, Pelosi, Hating Whitey

In passing
I discover that we're trapped  in a cartoon.  Only Explanation for all this.

Serial crook Murtha, Moran steer millions to defense firm
Quid Pro Quo - "Soon, money flowed the other way"

Obama. tells Congress that policy 'Czars' won't testify
What's next?  "Judicial czars" who trump the SCOTUS?

Afghan success depends on understanding the enemy

USA Today with a  cogent Afghanistan analysis?  Whoa, go figure.
— Trying to treat al-Qaeda and the Taliban as separate threats is unrealistic and unworkable.
— Any mission will fail unless the United States and its allies can demonstrate staying power.
— Go all out to provide better lives and education to ordinary people — and minimize civilian casualties.

Pelosi Blasts Cheney As “Not Dignified” For Hitting Obama On Afghanistan
*shakes head*

Hating Whitey Makes Unexpected Comeback
All it took for addled minds to conjure shadows of racism behind every whitey tree in the whole American forest were voices raised in dissent over the President's far-left policies.

    Plus: Today's Special Bonus Barf Bag

 In the Simpson's episode "Bart to the Future," Lisa Simpson becomes the nations "first straight woman president."  She finds the country in a financial mess, and has this exchange with her adviser, Milhouse.

Lisa: If I'm going to bail the country out, I'll have to
raise taxes, but in my speech I'd like to avoid
calling it a, "painful emergency tax."
Milhouse: What about, "colossal salary grab."
Lisa: See, that has the same problem. We need to soften
the blow.
Milhouse: Well, if you just want to out-and-out lie ... [Lisa
doesn't object] Okay, we could call it a, "temporary
refund adjustment."
Lisa: I love it.

 Now. listen to this exchange between Nancy Pelosi and CNBC's  "Money Honey,"  Maria Bartiromo
The Money Honey

(via Rush Limbaugh).

"It's not a tax increase; it's eliminating a tax decrease that was already there."