Saturday, October 24, 2009

MSNBC - Horrible

'splain this Lucy

 GE's MSNBC.  Does anyone ever say "I heard on MSNBC that ..." without following with some jaw dropping bizarreness?   How can it be profitable, with its almost nonexistent viewership?   I guess by having a lineup of low paid talking heads, glad to be employed by anyone.  The entire show lineup could be produced in someone's basement, or in a department store's furniture showroom after closing hours.  Listen here to a vitriolic Chris Matthews, who, you'll remember, admitted that Obama gave him a stiffy, as he launches on Vice President Dick Cheney. I'm being pedantic, but yes, he is still VP,  never having been replaced with a duly elected replacement.  We'll have to drive stakes into their hearts, all of them.  You know that, I hope?


Saturday Quiz
 What do you get when you mix PMS with GPS?

 A crazy bitch who will find you.

Flash Help

Okay - what next?
 Not for me; for a friend

 My neighbor converted a .WMV video to Flash and got a folder named POLE with this stuff in it.  What does he do in order to embed it in his blog?  The whole file?  What's the link?  Thanks, I know the answer of course, but am too busy to explain it to him.  I know one of you guys know, if not everybody. 

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