Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Poker Champ

$8.5 Mil
 Look for hoops to fall off in the inner city

Joe Cada, a poker professional, became the ultimate winner of the WSOP Main Event on November 10th.
He became the youngest champion in history, beating last year's achievement of Peter Eastgate.
Cada defeated Darvin Moon and won $8.5 million.

Fact or Fiction?

Stuff you won't be tricked by

ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress    TRUE

This was written by Sherry Hackett, Buddy Hackett's widow........ 

Obama's Likely Anti-Semitism Chief Was Criticized by the ADL                TRUE     

Teacher says comment about shape of Florida got him fired

drawing on a map was out of proportion. "Florida got excited," the teacher explained.        TRUE

Hoffman ally: Owens victory still looks inevitable                                    Huh?

We're not racists

Texas New Mexico

Cuzzin Ricky (C/R)

Donks are exempt

Lord of the Cockroaches
 2 minutes of Mark Levin fun -
Mark Miller

the Pet Care Perk

 Wait until Democrats from Manhattan to Marin hear about this "fairness" issue.

 I was looking for the recent post where I, not so tongue in cheek, suggested that we'll soon be getting free gummint pet care.  That camel's nose is sniffing under the tent.

Employers offer pet health care as perk

Even as the human health care debate rages in Congress, businesses are showing support for the animal kingdom by providing heath insurance for their employees' four-legged friends.

Hundreds of companies including Google Inc. and Blockbuster Inc. offer pet health insurance as a supplementary benefit to attract and retain employees, said David Lummis, a senior pet market analyst for Packaged Facts, a market research firm.

If memory serves, it was during a Dick Nixon anti-inflation wage freeze that employers began offering, on a wide scale, comprehensive medical insurance as a way around it.   I'm sure they never imagined that Democrats would turn that gambit into a mandated responsibility.   By the by, I never did find that quote, but I did find this, and it made me laugh.


In passing ...
 I found stuff you prolly didn't know

Glenn Beck Knocks Lou Dobbs Off CNN
A tenuous explanation.  Occam says CNN can't afford to pay his salary.

Gen. Powell to President Obama on Af-Pak Strategy: "Take Your Time"
Barry talks to a mirror

Sarah Palin’s new book has no index.
 ...  if true, that is probably the funniest thing that I’ve read all day*. But what Going Rogue: An American Life will have is this:
  •    She settles scores with some of those brave McCain folks who as genuine teammates in battle anonymously leaked unhelpful things about her to journalists during the campaign. Ms. P helpfully provides their names.
Perry County Alabama: a perfect Democrat plantation celebrates Obama Election Day with voter fraud
Happy Days Are Here Again, Doo-dah Doo-dah
Absentee ballots being sold for $40.00 each.

Treachery as Lifestyle Choice
While Obama was rescinding George Bush's protection of the conscience rights of Christian doctors and nurses, the Defense Department fretted over the freedoms of an open jihadist.

I know you well


Life Without a Dog Quandary #9
Who eats the chicken neck and other guts?