Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Mikulski is a retard

Maryland's Senior Tard

 Listen to Maryland windbag Sen. Barbara Mikulski!  She's a poster girl for everything hateful about modern liberals. Look at that ... Senator Fights to Ban Use of "Mentally Retarded!"  Fights who?  Would that there was someone who'd wrapped her in a headlock and squeezed until she shat lead pennies.  Fight, indeed.  Listen to the 10-15 seconds I snagged for posterity.  This politically correct "land grab" is precisely what led to the Fort Hood slaughter, where we worried about appearances at the expense of substance.  How many mentally retarded children do you think there are whose lives are shattered after hearing the phrase "mentally retarded?"  I'll tell you.  None. But "intellectually disabled" will lead them to a land of milk and honey, according to the "Little General" (which is what she called herself after voting against the first Gulf war.  It worked; she was reelected).   Ask people who've read Obamacare what will happen to the care these needy kids receive after Mikulski and ilk vote for it, which she will.  Gawd, what a' freaking 'tard. (Source)

Hard News

Stop the Press!
 I picked this up last night as (yet another) example of the Donk media obsession with Sarah Palin.  The NY Daily News actually found a story in Amazon's pairing of her book with Dick Morris's Catastrophe.

A Palin Pairing the DNC Can Love »

If you think about the content of the books, it makes sense, but we’re sure the DNC loves Amazon offering up “Catastrophe” as a pair for people who search for Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue.”

For the record, Catastrophe is an anti-President Obama slam by Dick Morris.

Still, we can hear the tittering on South Capitol St. Especially since it’s Morris who’s getting the higher price.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dc/2009/11/a-palin-pairing-the-dnc-can-lo.html#ixzz0X4YxPNy1
In Obamalot

Talking to Cops II

On the Bubble

A Non Sequitur

Commenting on the  Never, Ever, Talk to the Police video, Anonymous suggested BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters, as an adjunct.   I watched it early this morning, and found it unsettling.  It's narrated by Ira Glasser, erstwhile Executive Director of the ACLU.  Okay, I despise the ACLU, considering it one of the top ten worst things ever to happen to the United States, but they do know how to get criminals out of jail.  Whereas the focus of the "Never-Ever" video was the Fifth Amendment protecting the innocent, much of this video works off scenarios where lawbreakers are the good people, and the law, bad.  Both videos are instructional, but the latter made me feel dirty.  I would never recommend it to a teenager, because of the  imprimatur it seems to convey about drug use.Your mileage may differ.  Did I say I hate the ACLU? 

The View & Palin

The joy of Behar
 I'm fighting off something and took everything in my arsenal to ward it off (2 Airborne tabs, 2 Alka Seltzer Cold tabs, tsp Windex, and Mucinex), so have been dozy all morning. Of a sudden I heard Baba Wawa's voice and snapped on the recorder.  This is a still warm copy of today's View.  It speaks for itself, but with the exception of that biotch Joy Behar, the gals admitted that Newsweek's cover of Sarah Palin was over the top.  Lots of snide undertones, however.

The Mao the Merrier

Public Enemy #1