Saturday, November 21, 2009

They call me Fillopio!

Raining Bears LOL

It's also the combined weight of
Algore and Gerald Nadler.


Lib Action Dolls

Today's "I'll do what I'd do anyway, but I'll feel real good about myself doing it 'Walkathon to Help the Homeless'"

 Spare a dime mister?  Fuckyou, I'm walking.
Tom Mann

Joke? What joke?

Q: What's the real problem with Barack Obama jokes?
A: His followers don't think they're funny and everyone else doesn't think they're jokes.


300 Orgasms a day

Does he deserve all those high-fives?


Oh, my head ...

In Passing
 passing out, that is

Oh Boy. The "Deindustrialize Those Cracker Sons Of Bitches Act Of 2009."
"The US House of Representatives yesterday released the Conflict Minerals Trade Act (HR 4128) to try and end the international trade of tungsten, tantalum and col-tan, the mining of which is accused of fueling violent rape and murder in eastern Congo. (H/T O Club)

In the Midnight Hour
And in case you hadn’t heard – just a reminder that you’ll start paying higher taxes to fund this scheme in 2010 even though it doesn’t start up until 2014.

Sarah Palin Slams Weak Obama “Going Around the World Bowing” (Video)

Princeton, Columbia Cancel Free Speech: Darwish Silenced
Since Ken Kramarz, Hillel’s regional director for Northern California, started his job in June 2007, Berkeley’s Hillel has adopted a hostile view towards Judaism and Israel

The Demcare bribe list
Here are the top five Demcare bribes. Keep an eye out on bribes/offers for Democrat Sens. Ben Nelson of Nebraska; Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; and Evan Bayh of Indiana. Leave comments or e-mail any new info to add to the list.

'Homeowner Holds Burglar Hostage'
Columbia School of Journalsim grad, no doubt.

Obama's 'Brought Sexy Brilliance Back to the White House' - MSNBC
To be on any list with Al Sharpton is not a hit list but an it list -- is extraordinarily beautiful.

Oh yeah ...

Tank Skeet Shooting