Saturday, December 19, 2009

Berlusconi v Obama

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Fire truck

I said "say fire Obama"

Heap big snow kemo sabe

Blogger Needs Help
....  getting morning paper, fresh bagels, and snow shoveling.  Inquire.

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Another compelling reason to charge Obama with treason.

The Cloud Mystery 1/6
This is an excellent series about a new theory of climate change that is staggering, but it has been largely ignored by the media and scientific journals. - drummermanrick

In this film, the UN climate consensus is seriously challenged - watch it, and judge for yourself. The duration of the documentary is 52 min. and is in 6 parts - called Cloud Mystery

 I submit this into the body of evidence. I haven't watched it all yet, but does it matter? ...  now that the AGW industry have all but admitted their unwillingness to let fact interfere with ideology?  So, yeah, we'll eventually have to euthanize all of them, but in the good way - after giving them every opportunity to recant.

Our Thug Government

In a nutshell
 These Drudge headlines say it all ...

.. or my bowling ball?

Climate and Obamacare - AWK

In Passing
 Can you go home again?

Sarah Palin cuts vacation short
- over ruckus raised after she blacked out "McCain" on her sun visor in an effort to elude paparazzi. "
(Let's face it, she was sticking it to McCain, and should have responded with a Cheshire cat grin and a "who, me?" )

Webb under fire on health care
"He's going to vote for cloture and then be given permission to vote against it on final passage," said Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Virginia. "He's trying to have it both ways, and we're just trying to call attention to that."
(Jim Webb subscribes to the "John Murtha Code of Honor")

Jack Bauer interrogates Santa Claus

Book: Prosecutors were prepared to indict Clintons
The indictment was drafted against Clinton and Webster Lee Hubbell to be filed in Arkansas federal court
(Our last best chance ... plop)

Most influential person of the decade, Bush or bin Laden

Seemed like an easy vote for bin-Laden, until I thought about it.

Climate-Gate Professor In Denial: Blames Sarah Palin 4 Conspiracy
Penn State University, Michael E. Mann: "Once again when Sarah Palin speaks the ENTIRE world is listening."
(why is that?)  Anyway, "
It takes a lot of gall to try to defend AGW."

Blogger has Blond Joke

Schultz-Matthews Spat? Ed Invites Kos To Conk Chris
Quick ... microwave-up some popcorn!

Billboard Depicting Joseph, Mary In Bed Sparks Row
"God is a hard act to follow"