Friday, December 25, 2009

An undeniable truth

Christmas QOTD
  If Bush had followed my strategy after 9/11 - Muslims would be opening presents today! - Ann Coulter

Mom is Santa

A Christmas Staple


Looking toward the future

In Passing
 Is one of these under your tree this morning?

Dems' 2010 Strategy: GOP Will "Repeal" Obamacare
Does this count as an in-kind contribution to Republican candidates?

POTUS tried to shake the hand of Airman ...

Krauthammer's Take
... if you do actually have to cut a half trillion [from Medicare] and you spend it immediately... then a potential saving in Medicare in the future is taken away and Medicare will go over a cliff..

Kerry Floats Plan to Negotiate with Ho Chi Minh  Communist Sandinistas  Tehran
Show us your birth certificate military records Kerry.

Senator John Barrosso (R-WY)
If this were such a great thing for America why would 13 democrats say they weren’t going to vote for the bill until their states had special exclusions?
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Watch The Decline: The Media Lowlights Of 2009

Matthews Defends Obama's 'I Didn't Campaign On A Public Option'
Does MSNBC ever fire anyone for blatant ignorance?

The Illegal Alien Christmas Song
Jose Feliciano is outraged that the theme from his song "Feliz Navidad" was used for this  musical spoof