Sunday, December 27, 2009


The Fruitcake Lady

Don't have the sense that God gave geese?
Ask Marie Rudisill

 The Fruitcake Lady

In Passing

In Passing
 Taking a closer look helps

News Corp’s Racist History
Busywork from Media Matters  play-babies.

Climate Change: The Religion of Copenhagen  
Goreacle at Wee Weegoreacle
Goreacle at Wee Wee
I like the picture of the Goreacle, and the premise works equally well for Obama cultists.

Super Bonus Links for YOU ONLY
Did you get a plasma TV you want to mount?  Or hell, do you need any electronic sides?  The sites Democrats don't want you to know about.
You're welcome
*Sigh* - from the culture that's given us the Goreacle and Obama. After watching even a few of these 2009 "Award Winning" 2009 commercials, I had to cleanse myself with some vintage Old Spice.

Anybody here know any statistics?
A physicist purports to prove that there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995, the earliest date that I have seen asserted for this claim among the skeptics. Anybody out there with a good refutation?

Maureen Dowd's brother Kevin
takes over her column and proves it's not genetics.

The answer is: Like Gideons who place Bibles in hotel rooms, Liberals place copies of the Zinn Constitution in schoolrooms.  You'll find it there.
Michael Bloomberg said on Meet the Press this morning that the purpose of government is to extend life-expectancy, or words to that effect.
Really? Show me where in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence or the Federalist Papers it says that.

The Perfect Hamburger
More stuff Democrats don't want you to know ..

Eating Babies

Oy Rut Roh

Looks like something big is up in Israel

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced a call up to all top Israeli diplomats serving around the world to return home for talks.

It's too late for Hanukah and way too early for Purim.

Looks like something big might be up.
 Well, what the hell? Obama's election meant the end of Israel's existence, so what would you do?   If this means what I think it means, the question becomes one of targets.  Syria?  Iran.  Hawaii?

I like being smarter than you

I am a AGW Deniar
and a Birther.  If you're
not, you have a sloppy mind...
or, you're a Morlock


We'll hurt you bad

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Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

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