Monday, December 28, 2009

"Run while pooping" - a good blog name


Comma, Coma

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

 I don't know whether it's past-party depression, or a diabetic coma, but whatever it is I have been unable to start the blog engine today.  I began early this morning, for no earthly reason, restoring and colorizing a picture of Taft's inauguration.  Tedious work, but has the same salutary effect as playing golf, but without reasons to curse every 5 minutes.  Here's some stuff I thought of in between naps.
  1.  Where's ozaob?  I miss him.
  2. Janet Napolitano is the dumbest cabinet member ever (unless Surgeon General a cabinet post?) 
  3. Merrily is Curmudgeonly & Skeptical most senior reader, going back to May, 2002
  4. I used 18 Woot purchases as stocking stuffers this Christmas.  By far the most popular was the Brinkman flashlight
  5. MoSup got me a Silver Sonic hearing aid as seen on TV.  Sure enough, I put it on and heard someone in the other room say "don't tell you father, but we're putting him in the home next month." The thing does actually work, and is less than the $3000 the hearing doctor recommended.
  6. When I was around 10, I took a a box of giant sized caps, about 10 rolls, and smashed them in quick succession with a brick.  When I was done my ears were ringing, and actually hurt.  It was a while before I could hear anything again.
  7. What's an over-the-counter insulin counterpart? 
  8. I thought about a million man march on Washington while watching this.  STG.

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