Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Democrats and war

Charles Krauthammer's Take 
 On President Obama’s speech in Hawaii on the averted terrorist attack:

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    It [Abdulmutallab's arrest] means we will learn absolutely nothing. The minute he gets a lawyer and his Miranda rights, it's over.

    The question people have to ask themselves is: This guy, who tries to blow up an American airplane, who is a Nigerian, who is not an American, is captured — does he have the right to remain silent or do we have the right to interrogate him in order to find out who sent him, who equipped him, who armed him, and who trained him?

    It is a question of whether we're serious about this as a war or whether it's a ... blah-blah ...
Don't get me wrong.  The Krautman is absolutely dead-on right about all of this.  The problem is, how many people have to say it, how many times?   Worse, it prolly doesn't even need saying, other than for validation of what everyone with a 90+ IQ has figured out for themselves.  This never-ending, mind numbing, idiotic behavior by our minority Libtard community is way, way worse than waterboarding!  It's driving a whole nation crazy, and will soon begin killing people we know.

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Rotten Feds, Rotten Lawyers

Lawyers and Government, an Olio
same deal

Because I got hit with righteous cold symptoms yesterday my hubby went to WallyWorld to fetch me some DayQuill, only to find all evidence of the medication removed and the shelves empty.  What?  So while searching for what was up and realizing no wonder every thing's so damn thing expensive --


I stumbled upon this one too.  WTFF?  Why is this man still alive?

Obama Administration Seeks To Ban Nyquil

Happy New Year 2010...don't catch a cold MFs!

Too F___ing Stupid to cross the street according to Libs,
This is not directly related, but close enough.  My new favorite television show is Pawn Stars (sample).  Rick said something the other day, to a guy trying to pawn a fake historical document, that is brilliant in its simplicity.  I'm citing from memory.
The nation was founded when thirteen states agreed to give certain of their sovereign powers to a central government.  This had never been done before.  In Europe, a state was a country.
The powers each state ceded are clearly described in the Constitution, including the caveat, if it's not on this list, the federal government can't do it.  What the hell is hard about that?  Even in  the European Union, an attempt at cloning our success,  individual states can refuse to go along with crap that's crap.  So what happened here? No matter what state you live in, it's first a sovereign country.  You just forgot about it, is all. Here's one state that seems to be making the attempt (from Jodi) .  Clap-Clap-Clap.

Our kamikaze gummint

Healthcare Interactive

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 Because this is a New York Time's device, the user should be prepared for answers to questions like "What went wrong," to include stock Liberal excuses like  "fierce partisan politics" (why do we have two parties? - duh), and  "powerful lobbying by interest groups, like Doctors, Drugs and Insurance."  The real reason why government managed healthcare has always failed, of course, is the public does not want it!  And congress heretofore was forced to listen.  The public still hates the idea, but this is government by kamikaze we're dealing with now. Hard to get away from gun thoughts with this group, ain't it?

Profiling is a virtue

"I'd vote for Obama"

 Mathew Littman isn't outrageously out of line here; he's just "Liberal" normal.  What kill people.


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re Deere Hunting

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Plan to turn farms into forest worries Obama official
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has ordered his staff to revise a computerized forecasting model that showed that climate legislation supported by President Obama would make planting trees more lucrative than producing food.
It's been 30 years since farmers, driving their tractors 100 miles a day, descended on Washington to protest idiotic policies like paying them not to grow anything.  Maybe today's farmers will be the vanguard I fantasize about.  You know what I'm talking about, because you have the same dream.  Yeah, tractors shielded by unobtainium, with M-2s and flame throwers!

At this stage, anyone still planning AGW legislation is dangerously disengaged from reality, or else-wise a danger to the Republic's sovereignty and freedom. They should be forced to register as freedom molesters, and proscribed from coming within 1000 yards of any legislative committee, under pain of life imprisonment or a lynching.
What? Are we waiting for a Pastor Niemoller to warn us after the fact?  There are no Émile Zolas in a Democrat Media complex, so forget that.  We have to do it ourselves.  However.
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