Saturday, January 16, 2010

Climate Religion Hooey

- thank God

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This is a 4:38 minute clip.  G. Gordon Liddy discusses with AIM's Cliff Kincaid his article "Pope Continues Global “Green” Crusade for World Government."  The good news is, as Liddy points out, Pope Benedict is not speaking ex-cathedra (from the chair of Peter) with his recent encyclical that embraces man caused climate hooey.  Kincaid closes out my snippet with, "it's almost as if he was a socialist."  What you don't hear (but can here) is Liddy then taking a very cheap shot. "Well why not?  He was, as a youth, conscritped into the Nazi Army ... and they were socialists!"  Aside from being misleading in its implication, that was way beneath you, G-Man. Other than that, Liddy speaks for me.

I am now speaking ex-a sedia del re reale della Francia

I have before observed that there is a very thin line between a devout observance of "love one's brother,"  and trying to codify into law your version of what that means.  Just as socialists are defined (by me)  as communists without guns, well meaning people, but with an overwhelming , sometimes Bleulerian sense of self, are socialists.  It's okay to believe in God, but not okay to act as though you are Him.  

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Anonymous said...

Still, a bit scary that this pope has embraced such a whackadoo position. That he doesn't comprehend his own folly.


MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

Ignorant Nazi comment aside, Liddy is right. What bothers me is that Benedict has to realize that his conservationist views - however relevant to the salvation of our souls - are being used as propaganda by the new communist movement. It leaves a bad taste of sulfur in my mouth. A month ago I wrote about it in much more detail...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Keenly observed Mo.

Kristopher said...

Many Christians make the mistake of confusing socialism with charity.

I wish they'd get a clue about the difference.

Anonymous said...

Communists without guns, that is the best definition I have seen around. Will have to remember that one. You are so smart Rodger, I am amazed you still live in Maryland and not DC. We need intelligence and leadership in that stinkhole. Lord knows we have none there now.


JMcD said...

I also think of them as Communists without patriotism.

Communists seem to really love their countries.

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