Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glock 18

Glock 18 w/ Jesse Abbate

This was part of the same show I snagged the .50 Cal Handgun video from (posted below this).  I don't want the Glock 18 so much as I want to interview Jesse Abbate, Glock's smoking hot gun-mistress.  Whew.  Just a minute while a light one up.   Ahhhh.  I'm thinking now that I'd  prefer   the Glock 18 after-all.


Anonymous said...

I just picked up these amazing DVD's from Magpul. Vol I and Vol II. Vol I is 7 hours over 3 dvds and Vol II is 8 over 4 dvd's. They are every bit as amazing as they look.



Anonymous said...

Favorite line, Gunny points at her hips and says 'what you got strapped on there'


cmblake6 said...

A seriously fine girl, who's proven good with a gun, not just a decoration. THAT is pure hotness!!!!!!!!

rickn8or said...

Yah. Jesse's not just a pistolero.

Anonymous said...

Did ya notice that during the second mag stage R. Lee was out of position and his upper body got pushed backward by each successive shot? If there had been any more rounds in that mag he would have fallen over backwards.
Lazarus Long

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