Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jummy - while I can

Fond Memories

This is one of my fondest un-photochopped Jummy

Below, among my all time favorite sentences in the wide world, along with "Clinton Impeached." 
The President was reported to have burst into tears as he returned to Washington on board Air Force One. He was told by his staff that "it was all over." [Guardian Wednesday 5 November 1980]
That's all.  I can't read Pat Caddell's (Jummy's pollster) name without thinking of JumJum.  Since Mr. Caddell retired from pollstering, he's made a decent living, I imagine, by telling the truth about Democrats.  This has, as you can imagine, made him unpopular in some circles.  Here he is, with Douglas E. Schoen, a very influential Democratic campaign consultant, taking a whack at people taking a whack at Rasmussen.  Actually, if you've read this blog for, oh, even two weeks, you could write this article yourself.   I needed a reason to run a Jimmy Carter salute.

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Anonymous said...

Lets see. If you dont like the truth, denigrate the source. Alinsky?

Anonymous said...

Huh huh, he said denigrate....


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