Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lurch & Iran

John Kerry Denied Entry Into Iran

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad obviously did not do his homework on Lurch, else he'd know he was there to surrender. Of course it's always possible with this bunch that they view an enemy surrender as interfering with the mahdaviat.


rickn8or said...

Do we have to let Lurch back into THIS country??

Jim - PRS said...

Probably the work of Iranian Swiftboaters.

tom said...

That P.O.S. was 'in country' for less time than my ship spent in transit to and from the line. For that matter in transit from Alameda to Subic and back for our multiple deployments.
He's a disgrace. Just like his late senior senator. Thing is, he's so stupid that he thinks he's 'cool'. Worse grades than the "idiot", GWB[who has a masters...] Mass should be ashamed at what they elect to represent them in Congrefs. Bawnee Fwank is in the same category too.

Anonymous said...

But they think they can do no wrong....I am beginning to think the entire Commonwealth (not good enough to be a state eh?)is nuckin futs. They elect these imbeciles and then say it was Bush's fault or some such stupid excuse. WTF?

I sure hope that Steve Brown can pull off a win over Croakley!!! That would be majorly sweet.


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