Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mika's cat gets out

Mika will pay for this ...
Boned Jello
I’ve worked in the mainstream media for all the networks and I will say what people aren’t saying. It’s got a liberal world view. There are great people working at the networks, and they’re mostly Democrats, ok?

The reason why we’ve got these extremes is a reaction to the “objective” mainstream media that is so not objective when you have most of them being Democrats or liberals running it. Ok, that’s why we have FOX. Because it [the mainstream media] wasn’t honest and because there was reaction out there
- Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski.
   The last "news" personality to talk like this was Bernard Goldberg.  Hmmmm, exposing  CBS didn't work out all that bad for Bernie, did it? 


Anonymous said...

Wow! That took some balls. How long before she starts her new post at FOX?

"Why do they call it CBS? Because that's all you see." - In Living Color

Anonymous said...

I guess Coakley, Obama, the Dems and mainstream media has met their ...


BlogDog said...

That's some line coming from one who's been set to "auto-fellate" when it comes to Democrats.
And oh yeah - Mika, your mother's "art" is crap.

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