Sunday, January 03, 2010

VA Bennies

VIETNAM Veterans Military Update:
Law Expands Vietnam Veterans’ Benefits


Anonymous said...

yes, it IS good news that they are expanding the presumption of service connection for some Agent Orange related maladies....

however, what goes un-noted, is that recent years have seen the Fed's Office of Personnel Management scale BACK hiring preference definitions (which get cascaded thru Dept of Labor out into the corporate world)... NOW, there is no longer such a thing as a "VietNam Era Veteran", you must have a campaign ribbon or expeditionary medal. Essentially, the Feds went from "American Legion rules" to "VFW rules" for awarding hiring preference.


g said...

Too bad it comes too late for so many.

gunnypink said...

This is funny, cuz even with major documentation, the VA still runs you over with a fine tooth comb, and then denies preference. Oh well, as B. Hussein has sed, "The volunteer military, went in on their own, and should therefore take care of their own medical care, the gummint should not have to cover them." Give me a break. Yeah, I ben there. Ben sick from the stuff, but...VA can't locate any medical records. Yah, shure, ubetcha.

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