Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Census and U

And the answer is -
Boned Jello
Unless a census taker can show me a constitutional requirement, the only information I plan to give are the number and names of the people in my household. The census taker might say, "It's the law." Thomas Jefferson said, "Whensoever the General Government (Washington) assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force." [Walter E Williams]


BoCoPro (Ron) said...

Coupla guys have asked my readout on this issue, and here's what I tell 'em:

While I agree that the fed gov is becoming more and more intrusive toward some insidious goal of one-world socialist government, I can see the need for a census determining numbers of people in total, numbers of people in given areas, age, gender, and race.

I've read the 10 questions the short form asks, and have no problem answering them. You can Google 'em easily.

1. How many people live in the residence?
2. Do any others stay there other than family visits? (poor question, but I have no problem answering it truthfully)
3. Do I own it, rent it, whatever?
4. Fone # (allegedly in case they have to call to verify something) -- bullshit question, but the fone # is already a matter of public record, so WTF?
5. Names of residents. No need for this, but IRS and local government have it already, so WTF?
6. Gender -- simple demographics
7. Age -- ditto
8. Race -- ditto
9. Race -- R U Latino, and if so, what brand?
10. Any other residences where I might live -- silly question, but I have no problem answering it.

Most of the data could be easily harvested thru IRS and other agencies with a simple computer program. The Constitution authorizes a head count every ten years, including people who aren't permanent residents, such as visitors or itinerant laborers.

Basically what central government really needs to know for apportionment and divvying up the spoils are just total numbers per area, race, gender, and age.

Anything other than that, and I'll ask for their authority to collect the data, and very likely not give it unless I'm confident it's already in a data base someplace such as IRS, military records, city/county taxes, police records, and so on.

They have no need to know my SSN, my insurance, my banking, or any of that, and they ain't gonna get it without a warrant.

The FED can bite me said...

The ONLY valid question on a census is 'how many persons live at this house?'

All others are invalid.

The only 'legal' purpose of the census is to apportion federal representation.

Using the count to compile other demographic info is unconstitutional.

We need to hold all politicians to the limited role provided for in the constitution.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, under Age, they ask for your DOB. That's none of the gov's business, even though they have it in a SSI file. Just one more unique personal identifier IMHO.
And why race? We haven't done the slave = 3/5 of a person in a while.
I think I'm a native American, since I was born here.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

What's missing? How many members of the household are Citizens of the United States?

Alear said...

Without going into whether they should ask it, I do find it curious that this question isn't on there: "How many in this residence are employed?"

Anonymous said...

I'm a 55 yo transgendered performance artist born in the usa and paid by the federal government

JimB said...

I think I'm a native American, since I was born here.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Me too.... JimB

IdahoHunter said...

I will tell them the number of people in the house, as for the rest, they can kiss my bible and gun clinging ass!

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