Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Essential Obama
Boned Jello
SondaKella reminded me last night of a video that made the circuit during the '08 campaign, where Obama denies ACORN. I'm placing it next to yesterday's video of Obama speaking to ACORN about his long relationship and commitment to them.  This is the essential Obama.


pdwalker said...

oh look, a politician that lies.

For a moment I was worried that he was one who bucks the trend. False alarm. Just another lying MFCS politician that'd be better off dancing at the end of a rope.

(wait, that's racist because he's a halfrican, I should seek a better analogy instead)

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to an acquaintance from Honolulu; He said Obambi was picked on a lot on the basketball court(beat down was the term he used) because he was such a skinny wimp howley.
I had to laugh.

BlogDog said...

That's "haole" by the way.
Hawaiian only has a limited number of vowels and consonants.

Best regards,
One Pedantic SOB

BobG said...

A politician that lies is about as unique as a dog that licks its balls; it's just part of their nature to act that way.

DougM said...

Double-think: the ability to believe two contradictory things.
See also: psychosis

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