Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lobster Scam

But ya gotta act now ..
 ... because you know we can't keep selling lobsters for $75 all day!

The $75 Lobster
(Not Erin!)

Son Hucker just dropped  Baxter the Killer Airedale  off, to help stave off any terrorists what might be lurking about in MoSup's absence.  Here's a tale he told me, that you may benefit by.

Erin gave me a $150 gift certificate from Lobster Gram of Maine last year, and I decided to use it.  I browsed the Lobster Gram website, and made selections that came to just under $150. At checkout I was informed that "Gift Certificates are not applicable to these items."  What?  It's a freaking gift certificate. Bought for $150 cash money! That Lobster Gram has earned interest on for nearly 10 months!  Gak! I went back and selected approved items that came to - wait.  How much do you think a 2 pound lobster costs?  You're not even close.

JTL2J Just The Lobsters with Two 2 lb. Lobsters $106.95

But guess what?  Gift Certificate people don't get the Free Shipping.  Add another $49.72 S&H & it comes to $156.67.  That's  $78.34  per lobster ($39.17 a pound).”

(Me talking now)   Such a deal, wot.?  The prices are clearly stated on their site, so it's caveat emptor matey.  Not accepting your own issued gift certificate, however,  is a loathsome business practice.  Here's the website, in case you're just dying now for a Lobster Gram for your very  own self.  Sheesh.


Timbeaux said...

They ain't that much cheaper in Bar Harbor, but I agree with the screed against limiting your own gift certs. But come on, you're dealing with Maineiacs, you should know better.

MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

Same type of crapola with the pajamas, the chocolate covered strawberries, the flowers, et al. They get you to order up the shit then slam you with the 90% shipping and handling fees. Phucking rip-off artists these days. Sheesh!

BTW, I always get a kick out of remembering the time Hannity gave a Lobstergram to Flirty Flipper the vegan. She followed the calling of her dumb-ass breeding heart and set Lenny the Lobster free... IN A FRESH WATER POND! I LMFAO!!!

How stereotypical ignorant libtard can you phreaking get?!?!

pdwalker said...

Never, ever buy gift certificates. Ever.

Wabano said...

So...how come all the lobsters fishermen are going out of business
in the Maritimes.

Look like the goose is getting killed there...

The man is getting only $4.00 a pound...it cost him $5.00 to fish it out of the water...

Who's pocketing the hundred dollars there?


Anonymous said...

Re: Flirty Flipper

If I remember correctly, she also left the rubber bands on the claws when she released the lobster into the fresh water.


MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

Boneshaker - That's right, she did. What a freaking air-head!

Anonymous said...

Lobsters don't kill lobsters...

Lobsters w/o rubber bands kill lobsters...

Makes about as much sense....


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