Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sarah's Claymore Mind

The Deadly Claymore Mind of Sarah Palin
Our Sarry has a  "Claymore mind;"  deadly to lefty journalists so eager to destroy her that they walk right into it.  Again, and again.



Anonymous said...

A hint to Sarah, Ronald Reagan used 3x5 note cards. Nothing wrong with that and you can write more stuff on 'em.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

She was impishly saying hi to her mom, not cribbing a calculus test. So far, I've seen no teleprompters when she speaks, and very little, if any, glancing at notes.

Baddog said...

I hope she runs for something in 2012. I would give cash money to watch liberals/dems flop and twitch on the floor for four years.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure her palm didn't have instructions on how to pronounce "corpsman".

pdwalker said...

Heh. Sense of humour, check!

JR in WV said...

Caribou Barbie? Kodiak Barbie. Like the Acorn Pimp Sting, she had the vision to see how an ambush will play out, and has the sense of timing and discipline to deploy minimal firepower for maximum effect.

I had the honor of watching MG Creighton Abrams, jr conduct the deep battle operations for 7th Corps for an exercise. He made the statement that the function of deep battle was shape the flow of targets into our kill zones so they can be most efficiently killed.

I nominate Sarah “Claymore” Palin as the honorary Deputy Commanding General – Support of the Barn Army.

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