Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goreons are Morons

From the wonderful brains
that brought you Obamacare

Proponents of human-caused global warming claim that “cognitive” brain function prevents conservatives from accepting the science that says “climate change” is an imminent threat to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Lakoff told CNSNews.com that “metaphors” shape a person’s understanding of the world, along with one’s values and political beliefs — including what they think about global warming.

“It relates directly (to global warming) because conservatives tend to feel that the free market should be unregulated and (that) environmental regulations are immoral and wrong,” Lakoff said.

“And what they try to do is show that the science is wrong and that the argument is wrong, based on the science.  So when it comes back to science, they try to debunk the science,” Lakoff said. [Wattsup cont]
So I need to say it? Thought not.


Anonymous said...

Lackoff, rhymes with...


Anonymous said...

Lackoff, rhymes with...


Timbeaux said...

Who is John Galt?

Anonymous said...

Myself, I was thinking that things like cherry picking data to fit the theory, forcing data points by locating sensors in particularly hot locations, ignoring historical epochs, and self aggrandizement while pretending to be a good Samaritan was immoral.
But I'm only a taxpaying engineer, not a politician, so what would I know?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

DougM said...

Oh, Abbie someone.
Abbie someone?
Abbie Normal.

tom said...

Lakoff told CNSNews.com that “metaphors” shape a person’s understanding of the world, ...

It seems that the conjecture should be applied to the AGW or CC proponents in that they used 'metaphors' to come up with a 'hockey stick' graph, to chart '12 tree growth rings in Siberia' instead of the other 3000 they had records on, and to adjust the !!recorded!! temperatures because they didn't like the results.

It boggles. A case of the ignorant and small minded[!!!] continuing to 'BELIEVE' in the face of so many scientific records to the contrary, and denigrating those who do not conform...

an ignorant dickweed said...

This is odd but well worth it at least a glimpse. Tiny Tim singing about the ice caps melthing...in 1968 (or so)


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