Sunday, March 21, 2010

Survival Guide Nunber 1

In passing ..
How to survive the Democrat party for its duration
Building a Home Distillation Apparatus
First things first (O Club)

How to make your own low-tech vertical farm
Low Tech Magazine

How to make potato gun

How to Build an Incendiary Bomb More Powerful Than Napalm

It's not illegal to own or use!

good coffeeHow to make a water filter
Knowing how to make a water filter is important, if the only water you can find is dirty muddy water.

How to make a survival bow & arrow
who's there?
Obamacare IRS
fuck you

Fire from a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar
you can eat the nougat

How to make gunpowder
We will make gunpowder using either charcoal or sugar.

ammoHow to Make Your Own Ammunition
Make sure you self tax yourself

How to Make Dry Ice
Send road-kill to your son in Omaha

The cheaper version
How to build a gallows
And, what's a gallows without a proper noose?

How to stay alive
In case you still want to


idahohunter said...

On home distlation. the internal reflux still made with beer keg works absolutly great. Like drinking fire when raw and uncut but a little white oak and some time...

leelu said...

If you are planning ahead, use a large aquarium filter to clarify your water. That will clarify it, but won't kill any nasty critters. Either boil the clear water, or add 16 drops of plain bleach (not the scented kind) per gallon.

I had a half keg that I turned into an outdoor aquarium. I filtered it, and the dogs used it for their drinking water w/ no ill effect. Hot water heater is another good source of water ( a temporary one after the deluge...).

Powering the filters?? You don't have an inverter to turn 12vdc into useful 110-120vac??

DC Handgun Info said...

May I suggest that you all check out the two following blogs: Western Rifle Shooters blog and Sipsey Street Irregulars. Those folks have lots of online military manuals and tips on preparedness...

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow survivalists,

Is a great place to go and learn about the art of survival. The same guy also has a great book called "Patriots: Surviving the coming economic collapse" The book has been described in several online reviews as a "survival manual fairly neatly dressed as fiction."

He is a former intellegence officer

Complete with Rodgers link

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