Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women Hanging Around


Boned Jello

Drudge yesterday bannered Pelosi  as "'MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN AMERICAN HISTORY,"  since modified to "IN 100 YEARS.  I could rejoin with Edith Wilson, but it would be a quibble, so let's  stipulate Pelosi's status.  But, she is also, unquestionably,  "THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICAN HISTORY."  Here, in descending order, and certified by the National Bureau of Certifications and Grammy Award winners, is the list of Most Hated Women in America EVER (Carrie Nation just missed). In a more enlightened time, all of them would have been burned like a steak (Ethel was grilled to perfection).
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  2. Madalyn Murray O'Hair: America's Erstwhile Most Hated Woman
  3. Hillary Clinton 
  4. Margaret Sanger
  5. Jane Fonda
  6. National Organization for Women womyn
  7. Ethel Rosenberg
  8. Barbara Boxer
  9. Maxine Waters
  10. Lindsey Graham

ASIDE: Mo SUP just returned from watching my 1 yr. old granddaughter's swimming lesson.  The audience watched from behind a two-way  mirror.  She reported this cell phone conversation by a grandmotherly-aged woman, who seemed to be talking to a progressive-minded friend.

Woman:  Well, yes, something had to be done, I agree, but this is a bad bill. (pause) Harry? Oh, heavens no.  He hates Pelosi's guts.  Just hates her.


molonlabe28 said...

I had never heard of Margaret Sanger.

The nuns at St. Dominic School for Boys sure didn't teach us about her.

And kudos for including Swishey Graham on your list.

He is sexually ambiguous at best - a true Gamma Male.

Guy S said...

Hanoi Jane is too low on the list. Other then that, pretty much spot on.

Be interesting to see who "rounds out" the top 25 of same.

Anonymous said...

Hanoi Jane should be at least #2


Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham could not be reached for comment....he was busy trying on his momma's panties.

Ad rem...

Alear said...

Line remembered from King of the Hill:

Hank: Well yes, we have had a woman on the Supreme Court, and her name was Earl Warren.

Turing word: whives!!! NFW, how does it do that?

DougM said...

I gotta add Mary Surratt.

Anonymous said...

DougM - You say that as if the assassination of Lincoln was a bad thing?

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