Thursday, April 29, 2010



Boned Jello

While two of our kids and their mates are trying to salvage Spain's economy, MoSup and me are once again parents.  Yup, we are blessed with having our one-year old granddaughter stay with us for 8 days.  Been about 75 years since I've fed a baby and put her down for her nap, but the skill came back in a rush.  Is there any sweeter smell than that combination of a baby's protective pheromones, and baby powder?  Anyway, those duties are responsible for fewer posts, which is good because I was getting somewhat bitter over you know who.  When she wakes from her nap, I'm taking her fishing.


Anonymous said...

kids who hunt and fish, dont steal and deal


MiketheRadioMan said...

Rock on, Rodge! I've been taking my boy fishing since before he could walk. It's a good sport to get the yungins into, as it teaches an appreciation for nature, as does hunting.

molonlabe28 said...

The photo looks like it could have come from the house wher I was raised, as long as Mom or Dad's Manhattan was nearby.

Anonymous said...

Take the whole 8 days--it is the best medicine. See you then.

Ride Fast said...

Yeah, I second that. Go off and be grandpa for awhile, you and the baby need it.

pdwalker said...

Don't forget to discuss with her the fine arts of smoking, drinking and fighting with the wee 'un.

(you can save gambling for her next visit)

Have a good one Grampa! Spoil her silly! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky man, Rodger. I'll bet babysitting that darling beats the hell out of being King of all France. Your mouth is probably tired from all the grinning.

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