Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is anyone running against Waxman?

New York Times:
Companies were correct, health
care law clobbers earnings

Waxman cancels  hearing to grill "lying" executives on the effects of the law

Boned Jello
Why is Waxman Smiling?


Alear said...

Waxman can smile coz he's one of the few Dem Reps that isn't really at risk of becoming unemployed in November. Plus, he just farted.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, he sold short. In the private sector it would be called "insider trading" and his worthless a** would be under indictment.

- One Man Gang

JMcD said...

Great name for what the prick actually is...a wax man.

Anonymous said...



Other than the hair, just sayin'...

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