Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kicking Harry while we can

Today's Schadenfreude Express
Boned Jello

Getting rid of Harry Reid will be like killing a kitchen cockroach.  There's a colony living in the baseboards, and an even nastier Sen. Richard Durbin, or Chuckles Schumer will  take his place.  Still, I like to watch the little bastards  in their death throes.  Here's Reid  campaigning in state capitol Carson City [Nevada Appeal]
The most important thing we've done for the country and the world is health care.
Harry needs to leave Washington more often than once every six years. Here's the state's largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review Herald Journal, discussing Harry's wondrous gift to mankind. 
EDITORIAL: Snake oil

It'd be easy to say we told you so, but what would be the point? After all, anybody who argued that ObamaCare would actually reduce health care costs was either lying, wishfully naive or in possession of a newborn's critical thinking skills.

On Friday, the latest nonpartisan report on the health care reform bill provided more evidence for the obvious: The Democrats' massive federal intervention into health care will drive up costs and bleed the budget. [It gets worse]          
If Harry loses as expected, I hope he, stripped of  influence, and easily indictable for scads of  real estate cons, and vote selling, will be.


Anonymous said...

We won't have Harry to kick around any more after November. Yup. But, it's not because he will lose. No, the Donks will have to replace him on the ballot at the last minute because he "wants to spend more time with his family.". A true emergency. With tears and stuff.
The will pull the same thing as they did in NJ, and stuff a Lautenberg on the ballot somehow. Just get out the popcorn, and watch. May you live in interesting times...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Nevadans are not Jersian enough.

MitchM "Pete" said...

Small correction...it's the Las Vegas Review Journal, not the Herald.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks Mitch. What happened was I was watching Herald our pool boy staring at MoSup. Bastard.

Chris in NC said...

TomW is dead on. Sorry Rodger, they're democrats. Jersey or not, they'll replace every dem in trouble before November and let's face it; people are stupid. They'll vote for the new dems expecting something different.

JMcD said...

Meaningful Harry Reid portrait made with 1.3 oz. of Nancy Pelosi pubic hair and india ink.

JMcD said...

Next on the agenda of the artiste...
A dramatic portrait of B.H. Obama, executed in Pastor Wright butt scrapings, Billy Ayers belly button lint, and sweet potato pie filling.

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