Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A Call to Arms

Boned Jello

IBD's Praising Arizona (In Border Battle) triggered this thought. 

What did the nation get from the astounding 1994 takeover of congress?  From the very same Democrats who control it now?  The answer is contained within the second question.   Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now, we're on the brink of (knock on wood, praise God and pass the ammo) of duplicating that feat, against a democrat party grown monstrous in their contempt of the law. Suppose we do grab control of both houses of congress?  What will we have gained, long term?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   Because the Republican Party will be the same Republican Party it was in 1995, and democrats will still draw breath. But, there is one thing, one event, or series of events, that can turn the Obama occupation into the most salutary moment in U..S. history, dating even before the War of Rebellion. I quote from IBD.

Arizona's new law is a reminder that the states formed the federal government and not the other way around. One of the federal government's functions was to provide for the security of the new country against foreign enemies and intruders. At this, and particularly under this administration, it has failed miserably.

If the states, even one of them, which have thrown down the gauntlet stand firm, necessitating a showdown between the U.S. Constitution and federal usurpers, I'm confident the good guys will prevail.  I cannot envision what that will do to 70 years of court encroachment, and malversation.  A wood stake will have been driven squarely through the heart of this emerging  class of fascist dictators, and I use "fascist" properly here.

I know what you're saying.  Please, sir, can I have some more!  Yes.  Yes you can.

Call for states' rights: Area officials fear Washington's reach

WASHINGTON — Violation of the Constitution. Massive hostile takeover. A dangerous situation.

Tenth Amendment enthusiasts are sounding an alarm not as old as “The British are coming!” but nevertheless one heard many times in America’s history.

These enthusiasts are about keeping marauding hordes of federal mandates at bay.... .

Good Lord! Even Pennsylvania?


toadold said...

I'm losing count of the number of states that joining up in law suits to prevent Obamacare. It was up to 22 the last time I looked. A friend said he thought it was 24.

Gerard said...

"... and democrats will still draw breath."

Okay, here's the plan....

DougM said...

Re: border
Article IV, Section 4.
(go look it up)

A large body of foreigners crossing your border illegally, composed of looters, violent criminals, armed men, agitators, and political insurgents encouraged by the government of a foreign power is a freakin' invasion, dude!

IdahoHunter said...

DougM, and once they have the vote they become an occupying army

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