Thursday, June 24, 2010


Move0n.Org Shreds
"I thought that General "Betray-us" was the guy that Hillary accused of
lying.... and was on the "outs" with the Dems ?????????
" Cuzzin Rickey, earlier

Boned Jello
Hi Rodge has now scrubbed their "General Betrayus" page. It was there the last time Google cache took a screen shot of it (June 18th), so it was scrubbed sometime in the last few days. If you try the link now ( it goes to MoveOn’s default page.'s blind obedience to Hope-N-Change has trumped their dignity.

Tom Smith
 I read this e-mail from Tom last night.  Because of intermittent power outages (that still continue) I Googled up this article, found it still cached, and saved it before I went black again.  This morning, in preparation for this post, I went back, and guess what?  The cache that I viewed last night is now also gone.  Don't tell me that Soros leftists don't have GOOGLE in their pocket. Oh, I forgot. Not to worry, I didn't save a screen shot, but the whole thing, text, links and all.  Here it is. You're welcome. And, thanks Tom.


Anonymous said...

Mike B.

Here's the full ad in PDF from this site

Anonymous said...

"Oceania has always been at war with EastAsia, and allied with EurAsia"

"General Petraeus is a hero and the best general in the army."

Reeking of a willing suspension of disbelief.

How could anything else be possible.

Yeah. Right.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this. It requires "the willing suspension of disbelief". Nomsayin


DougM said...

Paging Eric Blair.
I mean,
Paging George Orwell ...

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