Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Newsweek is going down like a $20 crack whore.

And Newsweek (like most of the other MSM) puts Sarah on the cover because it wants to sell magazines or get viewers.

I am sure that it didn't take the editors long to decide to put Sarah on this week's cover - notwithstanding the double trouble going on over at the Gore mansion.

Would anyone really buy a magazine with Al Gore on the cover?
Sarah is plain hot and she has once in a generation (think: Ronald Wilson Reagan) political instincts.


DougM said...

...and they know that a certain type of person will buy it.
(You mean dirty old ...)
No, actually, I'm talking about people who see themselves as sophisticated, enlightened, independent-thinking, socially active liberals.
Well, it's been a long time since there was a good airing of Palinism, and she's evidently done and said a lot of stuff since then, stuff that doesn't get much air time on LibNews media, so they need a new script with the proper, up-to-date talking points, catch phrases, and applaud points. Hey, you don't think the mental midgets of libdom come up with their speeches through independent, individual analysis, to ya?
You know how it is. If they aren't able to recite this new catechism, almost word-for-word, their lib-mates will think of them as unworthy hang with the aesir.

Juice said...

Nice touch. Nice contribution molonlabe28.

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