Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quit teasing us ...

Slugs On Vacation

Cuzzin Rickey sent this Uncle Jay Explains Congressional Recess video.  Anybody making sarcastic fun of these slugs is doing god's work, but ... . I will bet money that 95% of y'all are thinking the same thing I did while watching it.  Right?


Linda said...

I re-posted the video, with a link back here, and I urge anyone who agrees with the sentiments to do the same.

Also, add a link to here in an email to everyone on your list. Let's get the momentum building.

Anonymous said...

Truckload of road salt?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Think: Suppose that on Jan 1, 2008 Congress began a 4 year holiday? No recession, no 19 trillion dollar debt; no nothing Obama.

Anonymous said...

by my count that is 87 days on the "Job" vs 200 for working stiffs


Scottiebill said...

In today's column in The Columbian (Vancouver USA), Malcolm Berko described Congress like theis: "Congress is a putrid, festering, ripe boil that homesteads the face of every living American and needs to be lanced."

I doubt that anyone could have said it any better.

Juice said...

Rodger, My heart beats for your dream. Please. No one wake me up.

Could not be state more truthfully. And. It's from the Columbian???? whoa

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Thor, you get 156 days off a year? You must be a government employee.


Anonymous said...

No Casca, if you take the 365 day and subtract weekends that gives us 200 working days.

According to this it gives Congress 87 working days. If you call what they do "work"


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, that is 240 not 200


JMcD said...

Slugs On Vacation
Yes....and also
Slugs by vocation

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