Saturday, June 12, 2010

San Framcisco movie- 1905

Remarkable footage
The email that this came with claimed that this is the first known 35mm film and that it was taken four days before the great earthquake.  I wasn't able to verify that but it is a fascinating film nevertheless.  I keep expecting to see Laural and Hardy go by. GrinCelt


Darrell said...

I'm amazed nobody got run over during the filming.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

It's like organized chaos and absolutely hypnotic with that music. Amazing!

Juice said...

Wow, Back in the day when people looked out for themselves w/o government intervention to point out what is dangerous. duh.

jodi said...

Did everyone have the right of way? Love the film and the music was perfect. What a neat glimpse of our history. Wish we still rode horses to work.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the background music is?


Anonymous said...

Disregard, I see it now. Never heard of Air... not bad, similar to William Orbit


Rodger the Real King of France said...

I've now watched this four times, and each time I'm reminded of something my pappy used to tell me:

"Yes, government can protect you against failure, but at the cost of allowing you to succeed."

I'm not questioning the need for some order in our lives, but these people are enjoying freedom I yearn for. I guess it's inevitable on this plane of existence.

Anonymous said...

can you please re-post the name of the song? tried to find under Air on Youtube, found them, but not this particular song. thank you!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

hold your mouse over the post's title

Bob Hawkins said...

That's where the name of the LA Dodgers comes from. Short for "Trolley Dodgers." Fact.

Turing word: "amsch". That's what you yell when a trolley almost gets you.

JMcD said...

So much horse manure was deposited in the streets of San Francisco that roses would spontaneously sprout from the asphalt even for years after the quake.
The problem wasn't completely eliminated till much later with the arrival of the hippies and the gay pride brigades.
Deposits of urine, ejaculate, cooties,vomit,and scumbag flakes, finally killed off the rose sprouts.
No new growth has been seen in more than four decades.

Anonymous said...

"hold your mouse over the post's title
# posted by Blogger Rodger the Real King of France : 6/13/10 1:06 PM"

wow --- don't i feel stoopid. duh!

thank you Rodger. long time listener, first time caller. ;)

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