Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Luck o' the Succubus

The Skill-Luck Contimuum

Boned Jello
UPDATED From Original


Anonymous said...

I think this is very true. Her filthiness has no talent, skill or usable ones anyway. She is a nagging scold with a screeching voice whose only "qualification" was that she allowed slick willie into her canal of love once and they whelped a kid. Slick is exactly that - he is slick and wimmen find him "irresistible" in a nasty kinda way. I have yet to meet one of them that could come up with a single thing that he did that was good. They allude to em but cannot give one.


Kristophr said...

There is a word for people who think Poker is a game of chance:


Alear said...

Whether skill enters into this or not, you do want to check out what John Hawkins has on deck. And I absolutely do support the St. Vincent de Paul Society, first class charity.

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