Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bagel Tax

Hide and Reek
O UR "public servants" prefer to hide taxes so that they can spend our money without paying a political price. Everything from paycheck withholding to the absurd corporate income tax to undisclosed business-to-business taxes hide the true extent of taxation from the average voter. It is therefore a good and wonderful thing that this business, at least, is deflecting the irritation over a new tax (in the guise of an interpretation of existing law) toward the guilty parties responsible officials. More businesses should do the same. Tiger Hawk

Boned Jello

If you don't visit Tiger Hawk at least once a week, you're missing out.  He writes good prose, turns a good phrase, and is always interesting,  Today I am not so much impressed by the pictures (he regularly posts) taken from his Chicago office window, as I am jealous of that office space.   Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I thought that sliced bagel tax was a NYC tax, but the sign should have the following after it, "... we voted for these people and we will keep voting for these people, that is how stupid we are. Politic party over princible"

Rodger the Real King of France said...

point ... and game!

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