Thursday, August 26, 2010


Uh oh:
Top NRSC lawyer headed to Alaska to advise Murkowski?
Rumor: Al Franken hired as vote recount consultant

Boned Jello

There is a reason the Tea Party was able to establish a political  beachhead; the GOP is run by RINOS (Republican In Name Only), and  MFe)OSS  (Go-Along-to_Get-Along Rat Bastards - don't ask) that nobody trusts anymore. The NRSC claims this gambit is only a  courtesy call. Allahpundit thinks more along these lines.

Let me get this straight. After taking loads of abuse from the grassroots for endorsing Charlie Crist before Rubio’s campaign got off the ground, and with Murkowski already pointedly refusing to rule out a third-party bid if Miller’s (shrinking) lead holds up, John Cornyn and the NRSC are … sending their top lawyer to help her out? And framing it explicitly in terms of retaining incumbents?  Do they really have no idea of how bitterly ferocious the backlash will be among the Republican base — especially, but not only, among Palin’s supporters — if they’re seen as tilting the election to Murkowski? And how embarrassing it’ll be if they try to do so and fail and then get knifed in the back when she bolts to run as a libertarian? [There's more]

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