Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three Moslem Truths

Three Things About Islam

Three Things About Islam is a transcendent, mesmerizing experience.  Oh, informative too. Worth adding -- the newest supreme court justice, Elena Kagan, is comfortable with melding Sharia and US Law.  Click-click. The Obamanation continues.


bocopro said...

The major flaw in Islam, as with any faith-based system, is that the entire structure is founded on an unprovable myth, or in ordinary legal terms, a fact not in evidence.

In fact, the existence of Allah as accepted by Muslims is simply a classic case of the bandwagon argument, a claim or assumption which offers as evidence the fact that many people believe Allah exists, so it must therefore be true. That, of course, is comparable to what caused Galileo so much trouble -- the widespread belief that the earth was the center of things, which meant that the sun had to revolve around it and not vice versa. In fact, at one point in history, the majority of people were convinced that the world was flat and that the gods lived on Mount Olympus.

Another way of saying the same thing involves the fallacy of origin, or the idea that an idea or concept must be correct because it originates in a particular place or with a particular person. Since Muhammad said he was in direct personal contact with a supernatural intelligence, everything resulting from that relationship thereby intrinsically contains divine or at least transcendent truth.

Such a case contains two flaws: hearsay ( we have nothing except Muhammad’s personal assurance that a god was in contact with him) and a fact not in evidence (that Allah exists in the first place), neither of which can be corroborated by other credible authorities or reliable confirmation by tangible facts or even empirical data.

People will believe what they want to believe, or what makes them feel good, or what empowers them, or what is convenient. Religion offers a wide variety of benefits to humans, such as a sense of belonging to a group which shares experiences and culture, a means by which to modify human behavior so that the biggest and strongest are constrained by the fear of eternal punishment in the afterlife, a place to congregate and attempt to make contact with a superhuman source of strength and wisdom, a sacred site to seek answers to complex questions, and so on.

The bottom line is, though, that any social system construct which allows or directs humans to systematically victimize, enslave, or destroy others who are merely minding their own business would not be commanded or even suggested by a well-balanced, caring, loving, perfect superbeing, only by petty, vicious-minded, power-hungry, seriously flawed human wannabes.

JMcD said...

bocopro...that is extremely well said.

bocopro said...

Merci, mon frere.

Once in a while I get a base hit.

Marie said...

A long screed just to apparently say,

"the problem with Islam is, it's a religion,"

which is hogwash.

The problem with Islam is, it's a death cult.

And Christianity is its worst enemy, and the only hope of its destruction.

JMcD said...

Unfortunately Marie, I don't think that Christianity, in it's modern form, is the "worst enemy" of Islam, nor do I think that it will cause it's destruction. Old Christianity might have been the candidate for the job, with it's alikeness to Mohammed's creed, both of them being male dominated, and using ancient ignorance, seemingly hell bent on world domination. These men of old were, to my eyes, greedy, lazy, thieves, determined to steal everything they could and to enslave or absorb people and lands, while maintaining male authority in all things of church and state. Christianity's virtues were well hidden and Islam's were non existent.
These characteristics were certainly not the exclusive modus operandi of these two religions, as all religions have been so in their beginnings. Christianity, and western political ideology, under pressure by Protestantism made huge advancements and then, becoming more civilized, made their way toward the modern era. Obviously there is a mighty job still to do and a field of stones to plow. I believe progress is steadily being made. I say this as an admirer of Christianity but as a non-religious person.
Islam on the other hand, has never changed and it is so constructed as to never do so. The most dangerous credo on Earth, a combination of a religious and a political system, is in pursuit of making Sharia the law all over the world and Islam the one and only faith. They are accomplishing this handily so far, using, along with their population explosion, the very laws and Christian influence in the western countries, that we citizens look to with pride. ....... Is our, although imperfect , democracy and our laws and our morals, going to be used against us?
I frankly see NO answer to this dilemma, since Islam is never likely to join the rest of the world in civility, except to cut off all Moslem immigration and to do all possible to make it difficult for Moslem citizens to NOT integrate.
If I was a religious person I'd say, "heaven help us."..... Nah..Heaven ain't gonna dig us out of this mess we placed ourselves into.

Anonymous said...

Without OIL, whadda they got?

Low standard of living
Power heirarchy based on cronies
Denigration of women
Belief in slavery

And a few more if you really want to look.

Jack the Rapper

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