Saturday, September 18, 2010

Public Servants? LOL

How public servants became our masters

Boned Jello
In April 2008, The Orange County Register published a bombshell of an investigation about a license plate program for California government workers and their families. Drivers of nearly 1 million cars and light trucks—out of a total 22 million vehicles registered statewide—were protected by a “shield” in the state records system between their license plate numbers and their home addresses. There were, the newspaper found, great practical benefits to this secrecy.

“Vehicles with protected license plates can run through dozens of intersections controlled by red light cameras with impunity,” the Register’s Jennifer Muir reported. “Parking citations issued to vehicles with protected plates are often dismissed because the process necessary to pierce the shield is too cumbersome. Some patrol officers let drivers with protected plates off with a warning because the plates signal that drivers are ‘one of their own’ or related to someone who is.”

Excerpt from   Class War: How public servants became our masters - A real puker                       

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Anonymous said...

In NJ, they literally get a shield, a gold one to bolt in the rear window. So if they get pulled over, they are automatically let go. Others get a card to carry in their wallets, a literal get out of jail free card.

There is nothing new under the Sun.

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