Monday, October 18, 2010

Confess, sinners

post secret katharsis
Via IOTW  I went to Post Secrets, where people send postcards conataing a dark secret.  There's not too many right now, and no way of telling whether they're even real, but it took me back to one of my earliest Blog attempts at interfacing with ny community.
Confess to Father Rodge

This didn't do well, mostly because the few hits a day C&S received came from family and,  you know.   The Catholic church's sacrament of confession has proven mental health benefits, similar to unloading to a shrink.  So to "testimony" in many evangelical churches, where church members stand and describe their transgressions.  While this may have a salutary effect for the testifier, if the transgression was, say, boinking another member of the congregation ..  well not so much on that end.  People are not going to confess the really good stuff  to Father Rodge via e-mail, because .. you know.  So let's bring back another tool   Here.  Confess in public, and feel better. Peace be with you.
Father Rodge


Anonymous said...

It spin a while since you've had a jigsaw puzzle, too.

Nelson said...

Being a long-time member of evangelical churches, "testimony" is not a group form of confession, per se. It's more of a description of what one's life was like before coming to a belief in Jesus Christ, contrasted with what life is like after coming to faith. Most people I know or know of don't go into specifics, i.e. dates, times, people.

Anonymous said...

Hmmn, to each their own.

In my church once a month anyone can get up and in front of the congrecation share a spiritual experience. IE I lost my wedding ring and I had a dream that showed me exactly where it was. (really happened to me) Or confessing Jesus is the Christ and an experience as to how this has strengthened you in your life.

Confessions are between you and Jesus. The Lord gives forgiveness. Seek him and it shall be granted. At times the clergy too to help guide and direct you in the repentance process. I would feel embarressed and awkward listening in on someones confessions. I feel that I am there to help people through their difficulties, if they allow me in to help them, but def not there to judge them, I wouldn't want anyone else to know how challenged I am, then I would only have my Interwebs friends.

I appreciate you guys.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Rodg on the mental health bennies of confession in the RC Church. It existed long before shrinks I guess and gave you a chance to verbalize your transgressions and be forgiven though penance could be hairy. Specially when I told Fr. Mike " I attended a small midwestern university and I thought that things like this only happened to other people. There was this girl named Joan(not her real name) and she....

Anonymous said...

RKOF, PostSecret is worth a weekly view. The owner posts new 'secrets' every Sunday morning. Some interesting postcards to say the least.



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