Monday, October 18, 2010

A fine CPUSA whine

Communists warn of new McCarthy era
A too, too delicious red whine

Muslum Brotherhood

US communists called for unity against McCarthy-style witch-hunts at the weekend.

Their appeal came in the wake of a series of raids on the homes of 12 peace activists during which computers and photographs were seized.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) said the September 24 raids had nothing to do with protecting the US people against terrorism and "everything to do with chilling the long-cherished tradition of the right to dissent."

Too bad they don't identify the organization these "peace activists" belong to, because I will assure you they are dealt with in depth here

Drawing a parallel with the McCarthy period when CPUSA leaders and members were jailed or fired from their jobs and blacklisted, it said the hysteria and persecution "severely curtailed democracy and free speech, stained our constitution and distorted political discourse for a generation."

"McCarthy era" is a rather nebulous tag.  What does it mean?  Offhand, I can't think of anyone who was jailed as a result of the McCarthy senate hearings.  Communists identified by the earlier HUAC (House UnAmerican Activities Committee) who were harassed or lost their jobs, like Sean Penn's father Leo,  were fired by studios they worked for,  under the correct assumption that American moviegoers would not take kindly to seeing their names on film credits.  The iconic "Hollywood Ten" were card-carrying communists who took instructions directly from Uncle Joe Stalin.  As unregistered agents for a hostile foreign government, they're lucky they  didn't share the green room with Julius ans Ethyl.

All this is moot of course.  Now that Eric Holder has been alerted to the activities of these rogue FBI agents, it is they whose jobs are in peril.


Jess said...

I hope they're scared. Considering their kind have murdered millions, they should all be sent to a deserted island and kept there by force.

Chuck Martel said...

Do you think our home-grown commies go deer or turkey huntin'? I doubt it. That means our side still owns all the huntin' rifles and shotguns.

DougM said...

The "Hollywood Ten" refused to name other foreign agents. Their "freedom of speech" consisted of, you know, NOT speaking plus contempt of Congress.
I think only journalists can do that, now.

The real "McCarthyism" practitioners were those leftists/liberals who were rabidly anti-anticommunist. Anticommunists have been slandered/smeared by that label for half a century. Still are.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter has written about Joe McCarthy I believe. He was right on most of the commies he exposed and the media and other commies came to their aid and made Joe a bad name. McCarthyism is now the term for all that is evil and conservative. Commies should fear us - we should be sworn to their disclosure and eradication by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

If that is peaceable, then so be it and if not.....well you know what that means. We must be very careful when discussing this either online or where any of the offending said commies can hear or read it. Any threat made upon them would weigh heavily in any trial or investigations. Jus sayin.......


Anonymous said...

That might have been Laura Ingraham....not sure. They are both babes and I am in love with them both.


Cheesy said...

Wait a minute;
Didn't this all kinda start when one of your islamic nations (saddam hussein) invaded another islamic nation (kuwaita), and it took the US alliance to sort it out?

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