Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hoyer gets punched back byy Lollar

Did Steny Hoyer punch his Republican opponent?
Not one "knuckle punch in the back," but two.

As it turns out,  my Tuesday report on the interchange between Steny Hoyer and his Republican opponent, ex-Marine Maj. Charles Lollar, was pretty much dead-on.  American Thinker has a full report + 2 videos.  It's worth watching the top video just to see Hoyer lying through his removeable teeth; and then Lollar taking the scalpel to him.  Booo-yahhh!


Anonymous said...

I like that Lollar guy. I wish we had one to vote for here.

Anonymous said...

Based on the DotCom bubble, the Nasdq bubble and Enron and WorldCom cooked books, Clinton left us with surpluses as far as the eye could see.


PS It is safe to punched a Marine because a real Marine would never punch out some pencil neck geek.

Kristopher said...

Of course he is safe. A Marine would never punch out a senile old man, even one that has lost all mental impulse control.

Although he might help restrain him, and get him moved into a proper care facility, before he can hurt himself or others.

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