Thursday, October 21, 2010


Megyn Kelly - Not Just a Pretty Face
”Let me explain how it works” Kelly tells Ibrahim Hooper (the communications director of CAIR) at one point during the heated exchange. “I’m the anchor, you’re the guest.”

My vicarious thrill for the day.


Anonymous said...

I'm not nervous, just filled with rage

Helly said...

Thrill??? Rodge, please.

Meg was serving limp-wristed innuendo to hardened killers in an organized criminal empire. He actually laughed at her.

If she really wanted a story—really wanted to thrill me—she needed to ask just one simple question:

How many NPR offices would have been bombed if they didn't serve Juan's head to you on a platter?

Now, THAT is a story I'd sit up for.

Anonymous said...

Notice that CAIR didn't file any complaint with FOX where the "offensive" remarks were made. FOX would have told them to STFU. They knew that the libs at NPR would fall all over themselves to appease the muzzies.

Anonymous said...

Also, we all know that the real reason NPR fired Williams was because he appears on FOX.

Chuck Martel said...

GC is right. NPR used this as a pretext to get rid of Juan Williams.

Anonymous said...

I am so irked. FOX news will not be on my TV any more. The C-band dish uplink will stop on Monday. I don't want the pizza dish, and cable will cost $xyz to run from the street. Rats.
Megyn also has a pretty good brain. I will miss them until I figure out what to do. They have been the only ray of hope in the last two years of the reign of the Resident.
Juan made me mad sometimes, but NPR went over the top letting him go.

Anonymous said...

juan williams never had a problem calling conservatives and those against obama as racist, bigots, teaba**ers, etc. his karma is now biting him in the butt. as far a cair they are a terrorist front group. good job Ms Kelly!

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