Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Navy Drill Team


Our U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard Silent Drill Team was invited to compete in  the International competition in Norway . The Navy competed against military units from all over NATO and won first place I think when you watch this video you'll see why they won.  ( Sound ON )



SharkBait said...

Makes my heart swell with pride every time I see them. The Uncle Sam's Misguided Children group aint' too shabby, either. Enemies be advised, they shoot better than they twirl them things.

TimO said...


(but it's soooo hard to watch after "Stripes"....)

Firehand said...

Absolutely friggin' beautiful

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, who shit under the dixie cup? Another branch rips off the Corps. They've been doing that at 8th and I for many decades. At least get your own moves squids. Blatant rip off.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam's Canoe Club has had those moves for just as long as "the Corps".. The Corps is still a part of the Dept. of the Navy, last I remembered...If you got the balls to talk shit, at least put your name behind it..


Jim - PRS said...

American Exceptionalism on display, right there.

Wabano said...

The India-Pakistan Wagah Border Ceremony is hard to beat for parade spectaculars with over a billion watching...


One one side you have the Islamo-nazis that are mooching hundreds of billions from us and use the proceed to support
Taliban terror to murder our soldiers and on the other side you have communist India who have been
the mainstay of the Soviets yesterday and today of the Russia of Putin Hitler.

Cant wait to watch them nuke each others...hope they choreograph the spectaculars as well as they do flag lowering ceremonies!

Anonymous said...

The thing that makes all of this impressive is that it is all uniform. When someone is out of step I wince.

her is a good example of what to do. They are practicing, so forgive the uniqueness with the shirts, they are drummers after all.

If you look at 1:48 all of the sticks are at the extact same height. This is uniform. This is on purpose.

The thing about the Wagah border crossing is that it is so much for show it is absurd. One side got a big plume and the other side got one. Then one guy did a crazy high goose kick so the other side tries to out do him. Oh Yeah! I can stomp louder and run ridiculously faster than the other side.

When is the escalation going to end?

The changing of the guard at the tombs of the unknown is chilling and amazing to watch. It makes me feel great at the sight of it.

I dont care who does well. I am just happy it is our guys kickn azz. USA-UAS-USA! This is why I sent it in.

Chief Inspector General Chef thoR~

LargeBill said...

When I was on recruiting duty in Cincinnati we would enlist a Reds special company that would go through boot camp together. They be sworn in prior to a baseball game and go to boot camp the next morning. One year we got the ceremonial guard to to perform. The Dodgers were the opponent that night. Tommy Lasorda filled in for the officer and stood there as the rifles/bayonets flew past his head. He was a really good sport about it. Hell of a show.

Go Navy!
MCPO, U.S. Navy (ret)

MCPO Airdale said...

"Stand Navy out to sea. . ."

Anonymous said...

I did that in Navy boot and we were the opening show for the Blue Angels when they had their first show with the F-18's.


Heh WV = karier "aircraft"?

toadold said...

Well considering the amount of space available to practice drill on the average Navy ship it is a bloomin miracle they found that many Squids who could do it.
Shudder, sorry I just imagined the sound of practice on a submarine, Clangety, Clang, IEEeeeeee, Clang, Thump.

Anonymous said...

It's an amazing display of skill and dicipline. I also thought of Stripes. "Where have you been, soldier?" "Training, sir!" "What kind of training?" "Arrrrmy training!"

It also made me think of another movie. The scene in The Wind and the Lion where the Marines line up on the docks in front of their ship and march in formation, double-time through the streets of the town, past all the embassies to reform in front of the royal palace. The royal guards unsure of what to make of this spectacle right up until the Marines opened fire on them. Even if it was all Hollywood, it's a fine example of Western martial arts.

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