Thursday, October 21, 2010

A new life together


Anonymous said...

When a woman says "I do" it is the last thing she does. - Henny Youngman

Anonymous said...

you can take that to the bank!

What is the one food that a woman can eat and never want to have sex again?

wedding cake


Anonymous said...

Once you say I DO ,they wont

pdwalker said...

Awwww Crap Rodger!

Where was your sagely advice when I was considering marriage the first time?

and then what about the second?


Anonymous said...

A second marrage is the triumph of hope over experience.

JMcD said...

Trail bologna and ...peasant bread?...Huge baked potato?...Big chunk of smoked cheese?

Chris in NC said...

A second marriage just says he's a dumbass! :)

That's why they're called Southern Belles down here. They start off nice and slender and sounding great then the blow out like the bell and their sound becomes nothing more than the sound of their parts smacking together...

pdwalker said...

I think it's less a case of "dumbass" and more a case of "cautiously optimistic".

At least that's what I tell myself ;-)

Guncrazy said...

You know why the bride smiles on her wedding day?

She knows she's given her last blowjob.

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