Monday, October 18, 2010

R-22 and the Chicoms


A popular legend from my yoot was that the Japanese established the city Usa in order to ship products marked "MADE IN USA."   This story from Chicago Boy Dan from Madison  is not apocryphal.

To review, the original intent of the law that was enacted as of January 1 of this year was to eliminate the manufacture of any residential A/C that contained the refrigerant R-22. Unfortunately the law was written poorly, and quickly the Chinese manufacturers flooded the market with air conditioners that were shipped dry, meant to be charged with R-22 in the field. R-22 is still available at relatively low prices. [full]

What ticks me off  is no domestic company, evidently, took similar advantage of the loophole in that stupid Algore foolishness, or even knew about it, although they're scrambling now.  FUK KING KWAK!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of USC 922(r) which bans importation of certain "assault weapons" based on the standard evil features, or assembly here in the States with more than a certain number of foreign components. To get around it, simply replace a certain number of foreign parts with American parts. An entire industry has sprung up to make these parts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's really a hoot is that R-134, the crap that replaced both R-12 and R-22, is much more toxic when it breaks down, and much less efficient in operation.
I read somewhere that Dow Corp. had a large hand in getting that law passed because their patent on -12 and -22 was about to expire...

Dr. HaR-22dcrab said...

Trust me: When the patent gets close to running out on R-410 (residential A/C and heat pump units) and R-134, you'll hear an uproar how it is destroying the ozone and, oh, btw, Dupont has this NEW stuff that will do everything the OLD stuff would do, only better...

Anonymous said...

the whole freon scam was based on one "scientist's" conjecture that since he was unable to find residual freons in low spots it must be going up.
About ten years ago some Stanford soil scientist discovered that several types of soil bacteria readily metabolized fluorine compounds.
No large fluorocarbon molecules have ever been found in the levels of the atmosphere where Ozone depletion could occur.research is ongoing..
follow the money banning freon only hurt the poor
banning Halon a very efficient fire extinguishing agent used in aircraft and electronic spaces will kill people.
M1-a1 tank too

Cheesy said...

With a name like that, it would be a real showstopper if he were a doctor.

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