Thursday, October 21, 2010

This should be instinctive; too bad it isn't

GOP leader hopes to work
with Obama on some issues wtf?

The Senate's top Republican says President Barack Obama and a more-Republican Congress could join to pass laws on trade and spending policy and make changes to the health care overhaul if the administration listens to voters on Election Day. ... "I can't believe he's going to continue to ignore the wishes of the American people if his party has a very bad day Nov. 2," Senate Republican leader  Mitch McConnell said in a telephone interview Wednesday.
Ahem.  Hint:
Gutting Obama Legislation


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he has been hanging out in the "sun light shower bath-house" for too long.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Mitchie and Obie join together and *cancel* some laws on spending and *repeal* the health care bill from top to bottom? Working with the Resident is like a scorpion taking a ride across a river on frog. Turns out bad for both... Just the nature of the beast.
There has been no bi-partisanship since the inauguration. To work together is to be defeated. No matter the circumstance, it is always incremental increase in government. Never incremental decrease.
Let's turn this around, really, and get rid of some government we really don't need, want nor agree to pay for.

toadold said...

Meanwhile (via Redstate Video) Sen. Jim Demint leaves subtle hint that if the leadership goes back into RINO mode he is ready to leave the party.

Anonymous said...

It is fortunate that the illustration makes a clear distinction between "Legislation" and its creator.
Only in dreams.

A Mudgeon from Texas.

Juice said...

That's right TRKOF. GUT it!

Gayle Miller said...

Mitch McConnell is a horse's derriere! Jim DeMint should be the Senate leader, not Mitch!

Anonymous said...

You guys gotta keep in mind, repubs don't get invited to the cool parties. They so want to reach across the aisle still, to get into the hypp scene man.

Who will be the first to leave and be the first Tea Party representative. It has to happen, get used to it.

DougM said...

Somebody send 'im Emmanuel's dead fish.

Anonymous said...

After this came out, it bubbled for about twelve hours with no comment from Republican leadership. Just before the Tea pot boiled over, McConnell's office came back with a denial. Just the same, I sent a "Fuck you! Nasty letter follows." missive to my rep, party whip Eric Cantor.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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